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5.15pm - 6pm Barrelhouse Trio

Barrel of Blues

The trio exude the spirit of a barrelhouse: a rowdy blues bar where anything can happen. Brought together in 2018 by Lucky Oceans as part of a curated series of collaborations, this was a rare combination that stuck and then grew as they integrated their own remarkable songs into the show.

The combination of Lucky, Bill Lawrie and Jessie Gordon is a 1920s carnival ride that emerges from its tunnel into the 2020s, a riot of harmony and melody.

The trio weaves together their separate threads, Lucky’s western swing background, Bill’s folk and blues knowledge and Jessie’s swing and gospel stylings, and from it all they create a tapestry that ranges from old world blues to new world folk, swinging gently through bluegrass and soul along the way.

★★★★½ - The West Australian, 2019


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